About Us

S&R Designs manufacture high fashion jewelry that combines modern sensibility with a reverence for the craftsmanship and elegance of the past. Always wanting to be fashion-forward, each design boasts unique creativity and details that strive to be one step ahead of the rest. S&R Designs is known for their unique jewelry design which presents people the opportunity to reflect on who they are.

S&R Designs was founded in 1997 by Steven Billig. Steven spent his childhood and college days in New Jersey. While on summer vacation with his family, he traveled from store to store with his mother analyzing jewelry design. This aroused his interest in jewelry; he was later intrigued with other aspects of the trade and for his own benefit, started studying all facets of the business. While a student at Monmouth University, Steven started out in the jewelry business as a courier for both jewelry stores and the manufacturing businesses. He is a self-taught craftsman and has perfected his technique during his twenty-odd years in the industry. His imagination has proven to be a great creator of wonderfully stunning designs. Dedicated to detail and obsessed with perfection, he is committed to producing jewelry of only the highest quality.